Hello: My name is Steve Lochmiller. I am now 70 years old. In 1973, at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with cancer, Hodgkin’s Disease. I was loaded with it from my right neck, down to my feet and everything in between including my spleen, groin and more. I was in the advanced stages and they said that I was going to die if we couldn’t beat it. A miracle happened and the cancer left me. Here is a television show that I did with Kathryn Kuhlman after my healing. Please take a minute and listen to it. The cancer never returned, I’m 70 years old and doing great. God is still working miracles. Thank God for his wonderful healing power and love for us all. I am so thankful for His Son, Jesus Christ, who, through His Love made so many sacrifices and gave us so many lessons in how to live.

Please know that God answers prayers today as He always has. He has never changed. He is always faithful. God Bless you.

My part of this video starts at about 7:50 in.

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