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We Live Through God's Love
Hello: My name is Steve Lochmiller. I am now 70 years old. In 1973, at the age of 21, I was diagnosed with cancer, Hodgkin’s Disease. I was loaded with it from my right neck, down to my feet and everything in between including my spleen, groin and more. I was in the advanced stages and they said that I was going to die if we couldn’t beat it. A miracle happened and the cancer left me. Here is a television show that I did with Kathryn Kuhlman after my healing. Please take a minute and listen to it. The cancer never returned, I’m 70 years old and doing great. God is still working miracles. Thank God for his wonderful healing power and love for us all. I am so thankful for His Son, Jesus Christ, who, through His Love made so many sacrifices and gave us so many lessons in how to live.  Please know that God answers prayers today as He always has. He has never changed. He is always faithful. God Bless you.

I’m Healed
The Cancer Left Me


My part of this video starts at about 7:50 in.

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Pictures From The Broadcast

These pictures are from a television broadcast from the mid-1970’s I was privileged to make with Ms. Kuhlman to share my healing with others. I hope that if you are in need of a miracle that you will turn to God for your answer. He still heals this very day.

Like Kathryn Kuhlman always said, “I believe in miracles because I believe in God.” He hasn’t changed. His Love for us remains. His compassion, tenderness, forgiveness are all here for you today. Just receive them. Accept them for your own. Look to the example giving us by His Son, Jesus. There is no better way to live. Do as He said and receive God’s blessings in your life. Look to God for your answers. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for visiting ShareGodsBlessings.Com – A place for sharing God’s experiences in our lives. To give and to receive encouragement along life’s roads. It is dedicated to people of all faiths. We all share the same God and who better to look to than to God Himself for His love, Mercy, Grace, and yes, Miracles. And to His Son Jesus Christ for the salvation He has given us through his own Love and Sacrifice. This site will provide a forum to both give and to receive encouragement and to allow the sharing of God’s love to all of his children. Along with displaying your stories, I will be sharing my own experiences; Miracles that have happened in my life; the healing I received of Hodgkin’s Disease at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with Kathryn Kuhlman (see pictures above from video), my personal successes in life, and my personal failures. We all have the ups and downs and it’s good to know that, with God’s Love, we can make it through, to persevere and to eventually share with others our successes through God so they too will be encouraged. I am very interested to hear about your own experiences or needs. Together, we will believe in your own Miracle. Together, we will believe in the Miracles of others. It will work. It’s God who accomplishes it. Not you or me, but God, who has no limitations and never withholds His love. So let’s believe together.  
If you are presently troubled or ill or you may know someone who is, I want you to know that God knows you. He hears you. Without a doubt, He wants nothing but good for you. He has NOT left you alone. He has not deserted you. He will NEVER fail you. You can trust Him. When I get ill at ease, and this is sometimes when I am going to sleep, I get comfort by picturing myself as a small child and being cradled in the arms of God like a small child in their dad’s arms. In that mental picture, I feel comfort and peace and then finally a good night’s sleep (see poem below). You may want to try that for yourself if you have problems and can’t get to sleep easily. You can rest assured that His peace, His love, and yes, His Miracle working power is there for you. Accept it and it will come. I am now 68 years old and my healing of Hodgkin’s Disease was when I was 21. Wow, what a gift; a second chance. I’ve had a great life with a lot of successes but, it hasn’t all been all roses since then either. There have been many missteps in my judgment and some really dumb decisions. Boy, don’t we all have those hanging around… My life has been like everyone else’s. But thankfully, God remains strong when I am weak. God remains forgiving when I mess up. God’s love never falters. So don’t despair. His love will see you through any situation no matter what you have done. His forgiveness is without limit. He is blind to our faults and only sees you as His child, with unconditional Love. I would really like to hear from you. My email address is slochmiller@sharegodsblessings.com. Write to me and share what is happening in your life. If there is a need, let’s pray and agree together for its successful completion, healing, or financial solution. Thanks for dropping by. Bye for now and God Bless You.
I was sharing some thoughts in a note to a friend and thought I would share them here as well. Sometimes things can come at you so fast that it’s hard to keep your head straight. The day to day rush of things, economy, bills, and pressures of all sorts can take 100% of your focus and move it off of God. I know that it’s not reasonable to sit and just think about God all day. We’ve all got responsibilities and things that fill up our busy days. But I have found that the longer I stay focused on my situations and don’t occasionally remember about God and his blessings, well that’s when I can see problems begin to pop up in my life. So, I try to start out each day acknowledging that God is at the very core of my existence so that when things try to get in my day in a bad way, I am much more likely to prevail. Actually, I’d prefer to get to the point that I trust God completely and just keep moving forward and not get caught up in the idea that things are “up to me” to solve or create or whatever. Placing one’s faith totally in God means the world doesn’t have a chance to disturb your life… Unless You Let It In and by doing so, you give it power over you. I think of our lives as being like a pilot of a commercial jet with a full passenger cabin behind me of my family, friends, employees, etc. Looking at my instruments, I can see on the weather radar that there are thunderhead clouds ahead. These are huge piles of clouds that can rip the wings off of your plane. As the pilot, I get to choose; am I going to take my plane directly into those dangerous clouds and run the risk of injuring or killing everyone on board or at least make the flight a horrible memory. Or, do I choose to heed the warning of my instruments (God) and push forward on the throttles, pull back on the controls and take my plane to 45,000 feet and fly comfortably over them without nary a bump or jolt.
God has given us the choice and the power to decide. Yes, you get to decide. The problem with making the wrong choice and flying blind (relying solely on our intellect) is that the consequences not only affect you but it also forcefully takes all of your passengers; your family, friends, employees, and others who are depending on you, right into the heart of the danger with you. So, we get to choose. But how do we remember to keep our mind focused on our instruments (God) during our daily lives? I recommend at the minimum starting out each day with a brief period of quiet contemplation. Not praying, not begging, and not asking. Start out with truth like “God knows all my needs and, it’s God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.” Do you remember the verses where God goes before us and prepares our way? Or the one where He says Be still and know that I am the Lord thy God. Well, set your mind on a few of these truths, and then, Be Quiet. Clear your mind and just relax. In your silence, God takes action. Did He not say Be Still and know that I am the Lord Thy God. So, every morning and occasionally throughout the day, I try to look to God, like instruments in a plane, to give me guidance. Knowing all the time that he will live up to His promises to never put me into a situation where I do not have a way out. He promises to “hold fast my footsteps.” How cool is that? So remember, that throughout your life, You Get To Choose; fly into, or over life’s storms. I know for certain that I’d much rather be at 45,000 feet and be flying over the tops of life’s storms than beating my brains out while the storm takes everything from me. Well, that’s it for today. Next, let’s look at Supply. What is it and who controls it. God bless you. Until next time. Steve Lochmiller slochmiller@ShareGodsBlessings.Com